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DC Real Estate: Most Expensive Neighborhoods to Rent in Washington DC

Appleton Properties | November 14, 2017

Being the capital of the United States, it’s common knowledge that Washington DC is home to one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. But which of the best neighborhoods in DC are the most expensive to rent? Let’s find out.

  1. Logan Circle

    Logan Circle

    Located in the northwest quadrant, rents in Logan Circle can soar to up to $2550 per month – and that’s just for a one-bedroom unit.

    Despite the high rental prices, Logan Circle remains a trendy neighborhood where plenty of young and hip Washingtonians aspire to live. Although primarily residential, this historic district is also home to a mélange of fashionable restaurants, LGBT-friendly bars, stylish and locallyowned stores, as well as a couple of pubs offering craft brews.

    Arts and entertainment in Logan Circle are also well and alive. Studio Theatre is still a top attraction for performing arts, known for thought-provoking and contemporary productions. The theatre also offers acting lessons, which might explain Logan Circle’s hip and artsy crowd.

    Real estate-wise, homes in Logan Circle are largely composed of well-preserved townhouses. Victorian architecture is prevalent in the area.

  2. Shaw


    Located east of Logan Circle in the northwest quadrant, equally hip Shaw has renters paying a median price of $2550 for one-bedroom units. Shaw’s appeal, however, is strong and undeniable.

    One of the hottest neighborhoods in Washington DC, Shaw is home to a large collection of quirky local shops and great restaurants. One of DC’s oldest neighborhoods is transforming into one of its most fashionable, and its past as the “Black Broadway” is an integral part of its identity.

    Shaw has everything you want in an up-and-coming neighborhood: cafes, a thriving dining and bar scene, plenty of shopping options, and a healthy dose of arts and culture. This correlates with Shaw’s population, which is largely made up of young professionals age 22-39.

  3. Downtown


    Centrally located, Downtown DC is the beating heart of the whole DC metro area. Its proximity to all of the major attractions and best shopping and dining in the city has made it a highly sought-after place to live. Median rental prices in the neighborhood can go up to $2520. It’s a price many find worth paying for being only minutes away from the best of the capital.

    Downtown is south of Logan Circle and Mount Vernon Square. Aside from popular attractions, the neighborhood also serves as DC’s business center. Almost all of the national retail chains and companies are located here. Museums are another Downtown feature, with giants such as the National Museum for Women in the Arts and the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Renwick Gallery located in the area.

  4. Mount Vernon Square

    Mount Vernon Square

    With median rental prices averaging at about $2390, Mount Vernon Square is the third most expensive DC neighborhood to rent in (Logan Circle and Shaw are tied in first place). Located south of Shaw and north of Downtown, Mount Vernon Square is best known as the civic center of the capital.

    High-powered and no-nonsense, Mount Vernon Square means business. A lot of renters opt to stay in the neighborhood to be close to their work. That doesn’t mean residents here don’t know how to play. Mount Vernon Square has plenty up its sleeve for entertainment, including restaurants, shops, and nightclubs.

    When it comes to the real estate landscape, properties in Mount Vernon Square are architecturally diverse. Some of the finds in the neighborhood include Late Victorian and 19th to 20th century revivals.

  5. Georgetown


    Historic Georgetown, with its Federal-style buildings, historic mansions, and romantic cobblestone streets, offers rentals with a median rental price of $2320. The neighborhood is located west of Dupont Circle and Foggy Bottom.

    A favorite among both tourists and locals, Georgetown attracts a lot of attention because it has everything you could possible need. From high-end fashion boutiques to upmarket eateries, Georgetown really has got it all.

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