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The Best Neighborhoods in DC for Millennials

Appleton Properties | September 11, 2017
Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan

Washington DC has always been a magnet for young professionals, and this has never been truer than in the last few years when it welcomed more millennials than any other US city. These new residents include not only those who want to build their careers in politics but also others who specialize in DC’s growing sectors like technology and the arts.

There are more reasons why DC has been attracting the 18 to 36-year-olds. The city has recently added thousands of new housing units, hundreds of new cafes and restaurants, and more pedestrian-friendly amenities – features that millennials look for in addition to job opportunities.

DC has over a hundred neighborhoods where you can choose to settle in, and some are especially fit for the millennial lifestyle. Appleton Properties also has a portfolio of luxury homes in Washington DC that might interest the affluent millenpreneurs of today.

Here are our top choices for the most millennial-friendly neighborhoods in DC.

  1. Adams Morgan

    This highly diverse neighborhood has a great central location that offers residents easy access to the rest of the city. It’s home to thousands of young families and professionals, and boasts a wide range of amenities, including a vibrant nightlife, fitness activities, historic attractions, art galleries, hip boutiques, and plenty of dining options.

  2. H Street Corridor

    The median age in this neighborhood is around 34, so millennials should feel right at home. It was ranked among America’s Best Hipster Neighborhoods by Forbes Magazine for its walkability and plethora of amenities like farmers’ markets, bars and restaurants, food trucks and more. It’s home to the Atlas Center for the Performing Arts, H Street Playhouse, and other theaters that provide quality entertainment for residents and guests.

  3. Dupont Circle

    One of DC’spremier and most historic neighborhoods, Dupont Circle boasts high walkability, an ideal location, and excellent public transport. It is named after a traffic circle with a landmark fountain, which connects the neighborhood to the city’s major thoroughfares. Dupont Circle is known for a wide and eclectic array of amenities including art galleries, bars, lounges, and restaurants, as well as the park that surrounds the iconic circle.

  4. Navy Yard

    Along with neighboring SW Waterfront, Navy Yard is the choice of many singles and residents and hasa median age between 31 and 32. This neighborhood boasts a mix of residential and commercial properties, offering plenty of conveniences and opportunities for residents. With a slew of construction going on in the area in recent years, it’s considered one of DC’s hottest neighborhoods. Despite this, it features a host of affordable properties, particularly older condominiums that have seen recent renovations.

  5. Capitol Hill

    The heart of DC remains a favorite among millennials, especially those who seek to establish a career in politics. Close to the most iconic attractions and institutions in the city, Capitol Hill is well-known for its diversity, accessibility, opportunities, and tons of amenities, including a large selection of bars and restaurants, museums, parks and more.

  6. Columbia Heights

    This neighborhood is the choice of both single millennials and young families. It hosts one of the busiest Metro stops, making public transport a breeze. Amenities in the area include popular farmer’s markets, as well as grocery stores, shops, and restaurants just within walking distance of residences. Dining here costs less than in other DC neighborhoods. The housing stock is widely varied, offering plenty of options to new residents.

Millennials have a host of other choices around DC, making searching for the right property something of a challenge. We can help! Our Property Search tool is a great way to get started. And when you’re ready to take the next step, don’t hesitate to call Appleton Properties at 301-652-2707 or 202-888-4846.