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The American suburbs is changing for good

Appleton Properties | June 16, 2017

One of the biggest trends in real estate and lifestyle this year is the apparent and impending death or suburbia and the rise of a hybrid community– the “surban”. This is what experts from the Business Insider discussed in an article titled “The American suburbs as we know them are dying,” published last March of 2017.

Let’s break down what brought the changing face of the American suburbs, and the effects we can expect from this rising and increasingly popular trend.

More people are moving back to the suburbs

As cities become more expensive, more and more homeowners are finding themselves moving to suburban communities. But it’s not just the cost of living associated with cities that are driving people to relocate.

  • Lifestyle preferences – Real estate experts suggest that people are moving to the suburbs because of their lifestyle preferences. Granted, this is affected and can be motivated by economics.
  • Ease of transport – Some suburban communities close to metropolises like Washington, DC are convenient to live in due to the outstanding public transport system to accommodate commuters working in the big city.
  • Family-friendly atmosphere – For families, living in the suburbs seem more attractive as cities tend to be rougher than the suburbia. Less cars, great schools, and community amenities also add to the appeal.
  • Real estate options – Housing options in the city can be limited as opposed when you’re house-hunting in the suburbs. City real estate can also run quite expensive for what you’re actually getting. Living in the suburbs is on the other end of the spectrum, where you can get a comfortable single-family home with outdoor space for much less than a city apartment.

The rise of the “surban”

If more people are moving to the suburbs, why are people talking about the “death” of suburbia? It’s not exactly the end of suburban communities, per se. It’s more about the changes happening within such areas.

Before, suburban communities are primarily residential, offering basic needs and services such as the neighborhood grocery, shopping street, and clinic. The growth of mixed-use developments, however, have also paved the way for the creation of surbans— real estate projects that combine the best of urban and suburban living.

More surban developments are rising all across the country as the response from both baby boomers and millennials have been positive. After all, who can resist living in a community that offers a balance between urban and suburban living?

The following characteristics are found in a surban:

  • Work and life balance – With the renewed emphasis on self-care, a surban offers plenty of opportunity for residents to strike the perfect balance between work and life. This means job opportunities existing alongside recreational arenas.
  • Diverse real estate options – A surban can offer housing options common in both cities and suburban communities alike for reasonable prices.
  • Entertainment options – True to offering a relatively urban lifestyle, surban locations also boast plenty of entertainment options, from shopping, dining, and nightlife.

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