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Property Management

At Appleton Properties, our property management service brings our clients the ease of living and peace of mind a condominium while having all the space, property and affordability of a house. Appleton Properties currently manages a diverse portfolio of properties across Washington and Maryland.

Utilizing trusted professional contractors, landscapers and lawn specialists, we keep all our managed properties looking as beautiful as the day they went under contract. There is no reason to stress over clogged gutters, sickly plantings, browning grass, or leaf pick-up, Appleton Properties handles all these issues on a timely schedule as well as providing emergency services ensuring your property is always kept at its most pristine.

Every home inevitably has some problems which spring up. With a fleet of the best contractors, plumbers and HVAC professionals in the DMV, Appleton Properties can handle any problem at any time. From roofing to clogged drains or just the simple handyman jobs that need to be completed around the house, you can rely on Appleton Properties management service’s rapid response. Throughout our time in the real estate business, we have seen it all, from leaky roofs to flooding basements and we have the perfect resources for every project. Take the contracting guesswork and scheduling out of your home improvements and put your trust in Appleton Properties and our suite of comprehensive white glove single family property management services.

If you choose our property management service, you will find a full team available to quickly respond to any of your needs. Our object is to eliminate the pains and inconveniences of homeownership, leaving our clients with the simple joy of home.