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Things to consider in searching for a Waterfront Home

Appleton Properties | July 26, 2017

Lighted house on Pacific coast, Washington state

The home buying process can often be a tedious experience, and it can become even more complex if what you’re searching for is a waterfront property.

Waking up to serene views of the ocean or lake however, is worth all effort you put in once you’ve managed to snag an ideal waterfront home.

To help you with your search, we give you a few important things to consider.

Make sure the home is weatherproof

Waterfront homes are subjected to more weather-related damage compared to conventional homes. Depending on its location, you’ll have to make sure it can withstand extreme winds or thunderstorms, and is equipped with necessary features that prevent damage, such as shatter-proof windows, storm shutters, and even stain-resistant locks and door hinges.

Adding new features? Start the process early.

If you’re thinking about building additional features such as a boat dock or seawall, start the process early to avoid potential issues. There are many local governments and municipalities which impose strict policies, so some of your ideas may not go according to plan.

Additionally, if you’re looking forward to enjoying water activities, find out beforehand if there are any restrictions with the usage of watercraft vehicles such as speedboats or jet skis.

Always consider the location first

Be sure the location of the waterfront home you’re eying meets your expectations – many buyers have fallen into the trap wherein all they look at is the home’s structure, only finding out later on that water conditions are subpar or views are less than appealing.

Approach the waterfront home search with a mindset that you’ll be able to renovate and improve the home itself, but solving issues with its location is an impossible task.

Strike a conversation with an existing member of the community

Want to get the best insider information on the neighborhood or home you’re planning to buy? Talk to some of the people already living in the community. Ask them about what it’s like living there, and look for advice on any potential issues with the property you’re thinking about buying. Also find out if they’ve encountered any water-related problems with their own home, and how they were able to solve it.

Make sure the home is perfect for your lifestyle

Before you place an offer, be sure the waterfront home you’re targeting accommodates the activities you enjoy. For example, if you’re planning to go on deep sea fishing trips often, be sure the home is just a few minutes away from the nearest boat launch or marina.

If the destinations you’re planning on visiting often are more than a half hour drive away, you may still enjoy living in the home at first, but you might regret not buying one that offers easier access.

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