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Home Value Calculator

The valuation of a home is more than placing a price on a piece of land. When valuing a home one must consider all aspects of the property including the neighborhood location, home condition, finishes and local market strength.

Appleton Properties has years of experience in buying and selling property throughout the Washington, Maryland and Virginia metropolitan area. We know which homes have sold and which homes will be hitting the market in the upcoming year. This information helps us place not just a value on your home today, but estimate future market value to determine the best seasonal positioning for your home sale.

Of course, a home value is not determined solely its location; the bones, the finishes and fixtures also are a huge factor. Through years of overseeing home renovations and development, we know the costs associated with good workmanship and the differences between a standard renovation and a premium finish and can recommend tasteful updates and improvements to maximize your return on investment when preparing for the sale of your home.

Every neighborhood has a wide variation of housing; from houses that have been untouched for decades to the quick flip, where the owners put in new appliances and quick bathroom makeover, or the complete and detailed renovation. Appleton Properties, has seen them all, and done a CMA for every type of house in every neighborhood in the Washington area, factoring in all these variables in every valuation. We pride our service on accuracy and attention to detail.

When you choose an agent for a valuation or a Comparative Market Analysis, you want someone who knows the importance of these small touches, and who takes the time to account for these details to produce the most accurate assessment possible of your property. We use this expertise to establish a precise price point that always reflects the current market. If you want a true assessment of your home’s value, look no further than Appleton Properties.

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