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Fun things to do in Chesapeake Bay

Appleton Properties | July 11, 2017

One of the most famous estuaries in the country, Chesapeake Bay attracts a steady crowd of tourists all year round. For a fun-filled day out in its waters or along its shores, create your own Chesapeake Bay bucket list. We’ve got a couple of suggestions you should definitely include in your outing.

Chesapeake Bay

Enrich your life with history

There are several attractions along the Chesapeake Bay where you can get a healthy dose of local history.

  • Fort McHenry – Learn more about Maryland’s role in the War of 1812, also known as America’s “second war of independence”. Fort McHenry is located in Baltimore and is a designated National Monument and Historic Shrine.
  • Oxford – Known as one of the oldest towns in Maryland, the small coastal community of Oxford is not only historical but is regaled as one of the best waterfront towns in the country.
  • Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum – Located in the town of St. Michaels, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is a complex that includes nine buildings, all of which extensively feature the maritime history of Chesapeake Bay.
  • Chesapeake Ship Graveyard – Also known as the Mallows Bay Ghost Fleet, the Chesapeake Ship Graveyard is heralded to be the largest shipwreck fleet in this side of the globe. According to legend, there are over 200 ships resting here. A bonus attraction is that this area is a great bird-watching site: bald eagles and ospreys frequent the bay.
  • Captain John Smith National Historic Trail – Follow the journey of famous explorer Captain John Smith in what is known as the first national water trail in the country.  Aside from getting to retrace Smith’s “footsteps”, you’ll also be in on a scenic exploration of the Chesapeake Bay and the surrounding areas.

Picturesque spots always worth visiting

  • Smith Island – Floating in the middle of Chesapeake Bay, Smith Island is an idyllic community where you can go on a walking tour, sight-seeing, or bird-watching. Be sure to try out the state dessert, Smith Island Cake, as well.
  • Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge – Covering approximately 25,000 acres of the Eastern Shore, there is no doubt this wildlife refuge is one of the most scenic spots in the region. Blackwater is home to over 250 kinds of birds and is a major pit stop for migratory birds.
  • Calvert Cliffs State Park – Calvert Cliffs is best known for the cliffs (as its name implies) that extend for about 24 miles along the Calvert Peninsula. Most people go here, however, for a chance to discover unique fossils of prehistoric birds, sharks, and whales.
  • North Beach – Crowned as the “jewel of the Chesapeake Bay”, North Beach is a thriving area where you can enjoy a variety of activities. Watch movies on the beach, attend a summer concert, go kayaking, or visit the Wetlands Overlook Park.
  • North East – Experience Chesapeake Bay by taking a trip to North East, where a memorable boat tour is offered. History and lush nature are offered in this hidden gem of a town.

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