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Chevy Chase MD Real Estate

Located in Montgomery County, Maryland’s Chevy Chase is an upscale community that is composed of several neighborhoods:Chevy Chase Village, Martin’s Additions, Chevy Chase Section Three, Chevy Chase Section Five, and Chevy Chase Town.

The residential suburb is collectively known as one of the most affluent places to live in the United States. Chevy Chase, MD has a younger sibling located just across the DC/Maryland border.

Elegant and well-established, Chevy Chase is best known for its tight-knit communities where many of the region’s movers and shakers live. The neighborhoods are populated by handsome brick houses and mansions that line peaceful, tree-lined streets.

These characteristics, along with the community’s village-like atmosphere and close proximity to Downtown Bethesda, Friendship Heights, and Washington DC, secures its spot as one of the best places to live in the area.

Schools in Chevy Chase are run by the Montgomery County Public Schools.

Community History

Once a wide expanse of farmland, Chevy Chase was forever changed during the late 19th century, when the Chevy Chase Land Company was founded by Francis G. Newlands and William M. Stewart. The firm acquired thousands of acres of land in the area and started developing them.One of their first purchases was Chevy Chase, a 305-acre plot of land bisected by the Maryland/DC border.

It was only until after the end of the Great War, when automobiles became popular, that real development came to Chevy Chase. By the Roaring 20s, Chevy Chase had homes, sidewalks, and other community infrastructure. At the same time, more and more people moved from the District to Chevy Chase. Today, Chevy Chase MD real estate is considered as one of the most expensive in the country, its quality of life unparalleled.

Living in Chevy Chase

  • Since Chevy Chase is primarily a residential community, residents often flock to nearby Downtown Bethesda and Friendship Heights for shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. Downtown Bethesda in particular is a hub of activity, home to both national retailers and local businesses, a wide variety of restaurants, and reliable public transportation.
  • Chevy Chase is home to two exclusive country clubs: Columbia Country Club and the Chevy Chase Club. Both social clubs help make Chevy Chase being the preferred place to live of many influential Washingtonians.

Chevy Chase Homes for Sale

Chevy Chase MD is home to a large and well-maintained collection of handsome single-family homes, some of which have historical and architectural significance. Housing styles are diverse; a drive through the communities that make up the Chevy Chase area will reveal architecture that ranges from American neoclassical to Tudor Revival and contemporary neo-traditional.

In addition to single-family residences, Chevy Chase MD also adds upscale condos and townhomes to the mix. These housing options complete one of the DC area’s most exclusive and sought-after home markets.

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