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Home Improvement

Tips on finding contractor

Tips on finding the right contractor

Appleton Properties | September 25, 2017 Determine your needs before getting estimates Before you get in touch with contractors, make sure you already have a plan and a few ideas on how to get the job done. Planning things beforehand will get you a more precise estimate, as you...

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Home Upgrades that Add Value

Appleton Properties | August 8, 2017 If you’re planning to boost your home’s value, one of the best strategies is to go for the most affordable upgrades that create a significant impact. Here are a few helpful tips: Create a plan The best way to increase your hom...

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How to tell if a home renovation is done well

Appleton Properties | June 23, 2017 It's easy to pass off a newly renovated home as a property that is in great condition. What you need to remember, however, is that renovations differ in quality. Here are 10 ways that will help you determine whether a recent home renovation is ...

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Home Improvement Tips

Revitalizing your home after winter

Appleton Properties | June 6, 2017 Winter is finally over! The snow is thawing and it's getting warmer. Revitalize your home for spring and the rest of the year with the following spring cleaning hacks that can be done by yourself or with the help of friends and family. ...

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