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Home » DC Real Estate Blog » 10 Ways to Keep your Home Stylish and Pet-friendly

10 Ways to Keep your Home Stylish and Pet-friendly

Appleton Properties | August 5, 2017

dog welcome home on brown mat

Searching for ways to make your home more accommodating for pets without sacrificing style? We’ve prepared a few fantastic tips that could do the trick:

  1. Vacuum on a regular basis

    Fur might be all over your floors, even if doesn’t seem like it. Remember to vacuum at least twice a week or daily, in case your pet is shedding.

  2. Look for durable, stain-resistant fabrics

    Instead of using fur-magnet fabrics such as velvet, chintz, or silk, ask your local home depot or furniture shop if they carry furniture made with Crypton home fabric – this type is highly resistant to stains, and can prevent the growth of bacteria.

  3. Match color schemes to your pet’s fur

    Use your pet for inspiration by using colors and shades that match them! Not only is this a nice touch that will show how much you love your pet, but it’s a practical move as well, as fur they shed will not be easily visible.

  4. Create a special animal room close to an entry

    If your pet goes outdoors often, build a room that can store supplies and prevent dirt from spreading throughout your interiors. Use porcelain tiles for the floors and walls, keep towels handy so you can wipe off their paws after a walk, and use it to store leashes, accessories, and food.

  5. Use hard surface floors

    Bare floors may seem unappealing for some people, but it doesn’t have to be boring – you can use hardwood floors, painted concrete, or floors made with bricks or terrazzo.

  6. Protect your beds with washable fabrics

    If you like having your pets with you while you sleep, be sure to use thick pads to protect your mattress, as well as medium-colored or patterned bed sheets that can conceal stains or pet hair between washings.

  7. Clean your pet regularly

    A great way to keep your house cleaner is to clean your pet regularly. Trim your dog’s or cat’s nails to prevent scratches, and brush their fur to get rid of loose fur before they stick to your carpets or furniture.

  8. Avoid using carpets if possible

    Pets and carpets are never a good match. When you own a pet, you’ll need to regularly keep your carpets clean as they absorb stains and odors and act as a magnet for fur.

  9. Look for accessories that match your interiors

    Look for scratching posts, pet beds, or climbing trees that match your home’s interior design. You can find carpet-covered scratching posts that complement your furniture, or stylish pet beds that can fit any color scheme.

  10. Build closed storage solutions

    Closed storage spaces will prevent damage to your valuable items, especially if your pet is a heavy chewer or scratcher. Dogs, especially during their younger years can be destructive, so closed storage can be very handy.

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