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DC Real Estate Blog

Charm City – Baltimore

Appleton Properties | April 16, 2018 The largest city in Maryland, Baltimore is a lively metropolis located about an hour northeast of Washington DC. This independent city is a patchwork of different neighborhoods and, as a whole, is known for its large collection of monuments...

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Best neighborhoods in DC

Best neighborhoods in DC

Appleton Properties | December 5, 2017 Washington DC’s diverse neighborhoods are one of the main reasons behind its enduring appeal. Many DC communities are historic, some offer a secluded environment, while others are enlivened by an array of restaurants, cafés, and live mus...

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10 of the Best DC Restaurants that Won’t Break the Bank

Appleton Properties | October 18, 2017 By Vincent Nezzer, freelance travel writer and owner of Living in Washington DC comes with plenty of perks. As the nation's capital, DC is home to several historic landmarks, world-renowned museums, and nationally acc...

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Download My Checklist for Choosing a Great Neighborhood

Appleton Properties | October 12, 2017 Choosing the neighborhood that perfectly meets your needs and lifestyle is key to making the most out of your real estate investment. To help home buyers like you, Appleton Properties offers this free checklist so you can buy a home in the ...

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Washington DC real estate

30 Reasons Why You Should Invest in DC Real Estate

Appleton Properties | October 6, 2017 Washington DC has one of the most competitive housing markets in the country. Here are 30 reasons why it's a good idea to invest in a home in the US capital. Washington DC is one of the best metro areas to live in the country. It ...

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Entry National Museum of Natural History

10 Kid-Friendly Museums in DC | Living in Washington DC

Appleton Properties | September 29, 2017 Washington, DC features an incredible selection of museums filled with interactive exhibits and fun activities geared towards children. If you’re looking for a fun place to go to with your kids this weekend, here are some of the best kid-...

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30 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Home in Maryland

Appleton Properties | September 28, 2017 Plenty of home buyers often turn their sights to Maryland for more real estate options within the DC metro area. Here are 30 reasons why you won't regret investing in Maryland real estate. More housing options. The Marylandside of...

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