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Arlington, VA

Arlington is one of the most interesting communities that make up the Washington metropolitan area for many reasons. First, Arlington is coterminous – it is both its own county and a census-designated place. Although officially two separate entities, both areas are commonly referred to as simply Arlington. Second, Arlington is Washington DC’s neighbor, located just right across the Potomac River. Three, due to its proximity to Washington DC, Arlington seems like an extension of the capital. Visitors will find plenty of government offices here, as well as top-notch university campuses.

Although Arlington only covers a total area of 26 square miles, the city feels expansive. Colorful neighborhoods create a lively urban patchwork, surrounded by hills and streams. Arlington’s highly urbanized areas smoothly transition into quieter suburban communities. Arlington has also played several roles in history, with monuments found throughout the city to honor this heritage.

In addition to Washington DC, Arlington counts Alexandria and Annandale among its neighboring communities. Public schools in Arlington are operated by Arlington Public Schools.

Community History

Arlington is a historically rich community. Originally known as the County of Alexandria, the area included what is now known today as the independent city of Alexandria. The city separated from the county in 1870, and to clear confusion surrounding the identical names, the county adopted the name Arlington in 1920. The name was derived from Arlington House, the residence of  Robert E. Lee, the grounds of whichbecame the Arlington National Cemetery.

Today, Arlington serves as Washington metropolitan area’s second largest principal city. The area is also considered as one of the highest-income counties in the country, offering abundant opportunities in career, education, and other industries.

Living in Arlington, VA

  • Arlington is paradise for history buffs. The area is home not only to the Arlington National Cemetery, but also to the Marine Corps War Memorial, the Pentagon Memorial, and the United States Air Force Memorial.
  • Outdoor recreation opportunities are also plentiful in Arlington, with residents having easy access to the George Washington Memorial Parkway, the Mount Vernon Trail, Gravelly Point, and the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park.
  • Arlington’s culinary scene is a bubbling concoction of different cuisines. Some of the best restaurants in the city include The Liberty Tavern, Green Pig Bistro, El Pollo Rico, Pupatella, Carlyle, and Tupelo Honey.

Arlington, VA Homes for Sale

Arlington’s housing market is typically divided by area into North and South Arlington. The real estate options are wide-ranging and a mix of older properties and new construction. Homes for sale include bungalows and townhouses dating from the 1920s and 1960s to upscale and modern high-rises and apartments.

Single-family homes are popular in Arlington and come in a variety of architectural styles. The bigger homes and lots are often found near McLean, which is considered as one of the most expensive DC suburbs.

Thanks to its proximity to Washington DC and its lifestyle offerings, Arlington real estate continues to attract a diverse group of home buyers and real estate investors.

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