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Alexandria, VA

Located about 7 miles from Washington DC, Alexandria was recently recognized as the most romantic city in the United States. Located along the western shores of the Potomac River, Alexandria is an independent city abundant in history and culture.

Alexandria is a blend of old and new, urban and suburban. Less than an hour’s drive away from Washington DC, the city is bubbling with energy. Independently owned stores and establishments, acres of parks and green spaces, and a bevy of historical sites and other modern attractions are found here.

The pride and joy of Alexandria, however, is its Old Town neighborhood. Nowadays, it’s more than a monument to George Washington. It’s a lovely district with cobblestone streets lined with over 200 restaurants, museums, and local businesses. Its culinary scene is particularly noteworthy, having been praised by numerous esteemed publications as something to watch out for.

Alexandria occupies a total area of roughly 16 square miles. Aside from Washington DC, its closest neighbors include Arlington, Annandale, and Springfield.

Public schools in Alexandria are managed by Alexandria City Public Schools.

Community History

Alexandria traces its roots back to the mid-18th century, when it was founded by a group of 120 Englishmen and women led by Robert Howsing. The 6,000 acres of land came to be known as the Colony of Virginia. Tobacco was grown in the community. Alexandria was eventually incorporated as a town in 1779, as a city in 1852, and as an independent city in 1870.

Alexandria’s history is rich and vivid, with several major events marking the city. This includes the War of 1812 and the American Civil War. Several monuments commemorating these events are found throughout the city.

Living in Alexandria, VA

  • Alexandria is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The city is home to over 70 parks, over 20 recreation centers, and miles of running and hiking trails. Several regional parks are also relatively close to Alexandria, including Cameron Run Regional Park, Pohick Bay Regional Park, and Louise Cosca Regional Park.
  • Old Town Alexandria’s culinary scene is steadily clawing its way to the top. King Street, located within the neighborhood, is especially known for its wide variety of independent eateries. Some of the best restaurants in Old Town include Hank’s Oyster Bar, Restaurant Eve, and Columbia Firehouse.

Alexandria, VA Homes for Sale

Alexandria is home to a diverse real estatemarket, offering different housing options for every kind of home buyer. The city is divided into several neighborhoods, each endowed with unique characteristics, with some communities more urban than the others.

Homes for sale in Alexandria range from relatively affordable starter homes to elegantly designed luxury properties and other upscale accommodations. Townhouses, single-family homes, apartments, condominiums are found all throughout the city, displaying a wide selection of architectural styles.

Neighborhoods in Alexandria include Alexandria West, Arlandria, Old Town, Eisenhower Valley, Parker-Gray, and North Ridge.

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