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30 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Home in Maryland

Appleton Properties | September 28, 2017

Cherry blossoms along street in Bethesda, MD

Plenty of home buyers often turn their sights to Maryland for more real estate options within the DC metro area. Here are 30 reasons why you won’t regret investing in Maryland real estate.

  1. More housing options.

    The Marylandside of the DC metro area often offers great housing alternatives that are worth every penny. Learn more about MD’s different communities here.

  2. Large homes on large lots.

    If space is what you’re looking for, Maryland real estate has plenty to offer.

  3. Some of the region’s most illustrious neighborhoods are in Maryland.

    Chevy Chase, MD is one of the hottest, most prestigious places to live in the DC metro area.

  4. Schools in Maryland are some of the best in the country.

    If you think schools in DC are great, wait until you explore your options in Maryland.

  5. Maryland is both landlord and tenantfriendly.

    Laws in Maryland protect both landlords and tenants – one thing you should consider if you’re planning on turning your property into a rental.

  6. Looking for an affordable home? Check out Hyattsville.

    Hyattsville has Victorians, bungalows, and Cape Cods (with yards), all for the price of what you’ll pay for a studio unit in DC.

  7. Hyattsville is less than 20 minutes away from Downtown.

    You can drive or you can take the train – Downtown DC is just two Metro stops away.

  8. One more thing about Hyattsville: it’s a close-knit community.

    Neighbors tend to regularly get together here, and the overall vibe is warm and friendly.

  9. Maryland is incredibly family-friendly.

    Montgomery County in particular is great for families.

  10. You get more for what you pay for.

    Aside from space (indoors and outdoors), you get access to great schools, parks and recreation, and all of the conveniences the DC metro area has to offer.

  11. Silver Spring is DC’s more affordable brother.

    Diverse and urbane, Silver Spring offers ranch-style homes, colonials, and split-level residences.

  12. Ethnic food is everywhere in Silver Spring.

    Thanks to Silver Spring’s large Latino and Ethiopian community.

  13. Bethesda offers the best of suburban living.

    Bethesda has great housing options, its own Metro station, a vibrant downtown, and highlyrated schools.

  14. Speaking of Bethesda, it’s a walkable community.

    Ditch your car – you can walk to anything in Downtown Bethesda.

  15. Bethesda is home to a well-educated populace.

    The town was ranked as the most educated place in the country by Forbes in 2014.

  16. Maryland offers easy access to the District.

    Aside from the Metro, there are multiple routes you can use to get into DC from Maryland.

  17. Getaway options are plentiful.

    The beach and the mountains are about an hour’s drive away, making weekends much easier to plan.

  18. Home values in Bethesda and Silver Spring are steady.

    You’ll get all of your money’s worth in these communities.

  19. Chevy Chase, MD remains one of the most desirable places to live in DC.

    Beautiful homes, streets lined with old-growth trees, and top schools – what’s not to like?

  20. New construction homes are plentiful in Bethesda.

    That goes for both condos and single-family homes.

  21. Maryland is home to great wineries.

    Perfect for budding wine-lovers and seasoned oenophiles.

  22. Empty nesters will find plenty of options in Bethesda.

    There are simply so many condos and apartments to choose from.

  23. Two words: Crab cakes.

    There is no denying that Maryland crab cakes are the best in the country.

  24. Maryland’s beaches are some of the most pristine in the country.

    Check out North Beach, Ocean City, and Assateague for some R&R.

  25. You get to visit islands on weekends.

    Assateague and Chincoteague are popular outdoor recreation spots with much to offer.

  26. Maryland’s farm-to-table produce = delicious.

    With acres of farmland, Maryland produces the freshest fruits and vegetables in the DMV.

  27. Maryland is dynamic.

    With five distinct regions, there’s a different experience waiting for you in different parts of the state.

  28. You can go to the Big Apple for a day trip.

    Just make sure to leave early.

  29. The landscapes are diverse and dramatic.

    From rugged Appalachia to the serene eastern shore, your vistas in Maryland are definitely stunning.

  30. You get the best of everything.

    Gorgeous scenery, lovely homes, top schools, access to DC – Maryland has everything you need and more.

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