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What to look for in a Realtor?

Appleton Properties | August 14, 2017 Shopping for a home is perhaps the most awaited part of every home buying process, but do you know you'll have an easier time if you work with a local Realtor®? Having a real estate agent is like tapping into a large resource of knowledge. Yo...

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Purchasing property with two hands and key

Questions you Should Ask a Previous Homeowner

Appleton Properties | August 11, 2017 The search for a perfect home can often be a time-consuming and tiring effort. By the time you’ve found the best option, chances are, you already know everything you need to know about the house. Before you decide to close the deal how...

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Home Upgrades that Add Value

Appleton Properties | August 8, 2017 If you’re planning to boost your home’s value, one of the best strategies is to go for the most affordable upgrades that create a significant impact. Here are a few helpful tips: Create a plan The best way to increase your hom...

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Keep your Home Stylish and Pet-friendly

10 Ways to Keep your Home Stylish and Pet-friendly

Appleton Properties | August 5, 2017 Searching for ways to make your home more accommodating for pets without sacrificing style? We’ve prepared a few fantastic tips that could do the trick: Vacuum on a regular basis Fur might be all over your floors, even if doesn’t...

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Dining in DC

10 Michelin-ranked restaurants in the DC area

Appleton Properties | July 31, 2017 Washington DC has long established itself as a mecca for fans of the culinary arts, so much so that several restaurants in the city have been awarded highly coveted Michelin stars. As of date, there are 12 dining institutions in the city given ...

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Things to consider in searching for a Waterfront Home

Appleton Properties | July 26, 2017 The home buying process can often be a tedious experience, and it can become even more complex if what you’re searching for is a waterfront property. Waking up to serene views of the ocean or lake however, is worth all effort you put ...

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D.C. Neighborhood Spotlight: Petworth

Appleton Properties | July 22, 2017 Located in Washington D.C.’s Northwest quadrant, Petworth is a residential neighborhood encompassing approximately 0.91 square miles and is home to about 20,000 residents. It was named after the 205-acre estate formerly owned by John ...

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Relocation, moving home. Lifestyle shot in real location

Home Buying Tips for Millennials

Appleton Properties | July 18, 2017 Millennials may be facing a lot of challenges, but many of them are looking to purchase a home – 32% of the US real estate market is represented by millennials, according to a report published by the National Association of Realtors in 20...

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Mortgage Calculator

Home buying tips: Finding the right mortgage lender

Appleton Properties | July 14, 2017 Choosing the right lender to help finance your home buying journey is a crucial step, but with different kinds of loans and mortgage companies out there, finding the lender that's perfect for your needs can be a challenge. Fortunately for you, ...

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Chesapeake Bay

Fun things to do in Chesapeake Bay

Appleton Properties | July 11, 2017 One of the most famous estuaries in the country, Chesapeake Bay attracts a steady crowd of tourists all year round. For a fun-filled day out in its waters or along its shores, create your own Chesapeake Bay bucket list. We've got a couple of su...

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